• Organizers: Vikram Narayanan, Anton Burtsev
  • Email: narayav1 at uci dot edu, aburtsev at uci dot edu
  • Meeting time/place: Friday, 2:00pm-3:00pm (held remotely)

We read and discuss a broad range of papers related to systems research. The topics range from novel system designs (generally results from recent systems conferences) to low-level details of new and existing features of modern CPUs (e.g., SGX, fat pointers (MPX), QPI and cache-coherence, etc.)


Spring 2022

Date Paper
May 9 In-Kernel Control-Flow Integrity on Commodity OSes using ARM Pointer Authentication
May 2 Multi-Core, Main-Memory Joins: Sort vs. Hash Revisited

Winter 2022

Date Paper
March 18 Clio: A Hardware-Software Co-Designed Disaggregated Memory System
March 11 You Shall Not (by)Pass! Practical, Secure, and Fast PKU-based Sandboxing (preprint)
Mar 4 Cornucopia: Temporal Safety for CHERI Heaps
Feb 18 PTAuth: Temporal Memory Safety via Robust Points-to Authentication
Feb 11 PAC it up: Towards Pointer Integrity using ARM Pointer Authentication
Feb 4 Preventing Kernel Hacks with HAKC
Jan 28 PKU Pitfalls: Attacks on PKU-based Memory Isolation Systems
Jan 21 ERIM: Secure, Efficient In-process Isolation with Protection Keys (MPK)

Fall 2021

Date Paper
Dec 28 Retrofitting Fine Grain Isolation in the Firefox Renderer
Dec 21 XFI: Software Guards for System Address Spaces
Nov 12 Membrane: Operating System Support for Restartable File Systems
Nov 5 Efficiently Recovering Stateful System Components of Multi-server Microkernels
Oct 29 The Aurora Single Level Store Operating System

Spring 2021

Date Paper
Jun 11 High Velocity Kernel File Systems with Bento
Jun 4 Corundum: Statically-Enforced Persistent Memory Safety
May 28 DIFUZE: Interface Aware Fuzzing for Kernel Drivers
May 21 Lightweight Kernel Isolation with Virtualization and VM Functions
May 14 A Principled Approach To KernelMemory Management - Chapter 4
Apr 16 Fine-Grained Fault Tolerance using Device Checkpoints
Apr 2 LegoOS: A Disseminated, Distributed OS for Hardware Resource Disaggregation

Winter 2021

Date Paper
Mar 22 PACStack: an Authenticated Call Stack
Mar 15 Lord of the Ring(s): Side Channel Attacks on the CPU On-Chip Ring Interconnect Are Practical
Mar 9 Hyperkernel: Push-Button Verification of an OS Kernel
Feb 26 Scaling symbolic evaluation for automatedverification of systems code with Serval
Feb 12, 19 Understanding Memory and Thread Safety Practicesand Issues in Real-World Rust Programs
Feb 5 Safe Systems Programming in Rust : The Promise and the Challenge
Jan 22 Safe Kernel Extensions Without Run-Time Checking
Jan 15 NixOS: A Purely Functional Linux Distribution

Fall 2020

Date Paper
Dec 18 Reexamining Direct Cache Access to Optimize I/O Intensive Applications for Multi-hundred-gigabit Networks
Nov 27 Code-Pointer Integrity
Nov 20 Size-aware Sharding For Improving Tail Latencies in In-memory Key-value Stores
Nov 16 MICA: A Holistic Approach to Fast In-Memory Key-Value Storage
Nov 6 hXDP: Efficient Software Packet Processing on FPGA NICs
Nov 3 Theseus: an Experiment in Operating System Structure and State Management