• Our paper on kernel isolation KSplit: Automating Device Driver Isolation got accepted to OSDI'22 (pdf, video)


  • Two papers got accepted to PLOS'21.

    • Isolation in Rust: What is Missing? (pdf, video)
    • Understanding the Overheads of Hardware and Language-Based IPC Mechanisms (pdf, video)
  • Tianjiao Huang receives ICS Outstanding Contribution to Research, 2021 award for his outstanding contributions to research

  • Anton Burtsev receives University of California, Irvine Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentorship, 2021


  • Our paper RedLeaf: Isolation and Communication in a Safe Operating System got accepted to OSDI'20 (pdf, video)

  • Our paper Lightweight Kernel Isolation with Virtualization and VM Functions wins the Best Paper Award at VEE'20 (pdf, video)